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Lasting Aesthetics

Stylish exterior designs with fine craft and polish, smooth and solid. Exquisite work makes the beauty last longer.

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Corrosion Stability

Accurate corrosion resistant treatment allows highly stable finish, hard to fade or shed, easy to maintain and fix.

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High machining precision ensures the exact hardware profile size the door needs, preventing it from deformation.

Certification Standards

Superior quality all complying with specific CE directives for architectural hardware.


For Hinges


For Handles


For Locks


For Cylinders


For Bolts

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Testings throughout Production

  • • Salt Spray Test

    Cyclic chemical exposure test to ensure eligible corrosion resistance of materials and coatings.

  • • Endurance Test

    Test with an extended load under sustained use to make sure service life of up to 100,000 runs.

  • • Fire Test

    Fireproof testing to guarantee significant flame retardant properties in fire circumstances.

  • • Destructive Test

    Tests carried out to the sample's failure, to check the metal performance under different loads.

  • • Gravity Test

    Tests by dropping to assess if materials and finish can reach different requirements for durability.

Need Extra Inspections and Test Reports?

You are most welcome to come visit our factory to ensure compliance. Or 3rd party on-site factory audits are also fully supported.

Each of our door handles, hinges, and locks are well in line with all international quality standards. Therefore, we are wide open to provide samples for your additional inspections and test reports issuing, as long as you need any.

3rd party inspection