Advantages of Each

Every category is well produced and stand out in respective scenario.

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#1 Flat Door Hinge

Standard flat hinges that can fit in the great mass of doors. Our flat door hinges have reliable ability to sustain heavy weight and allow for smooth close and open moves.

Applications: Used for residential and light-duty commercial occasions.

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Custom Door Hinge Manufacture


  • ✓ Wholesale Hinge Price
  • ✓ Custom MOQ
  • ✓ Efficient Delivery

Struggling to find the right door hinge for your project? EC Hardware is an experienced door hinge manufacturer that can provide you complete ODM and OEM services. Maintaining a stable monthly production capacity of highest 140,000 sets, we have the capability to meet any needs through the globe.

No matter standard stainless steel hinges or custom hinges of specific sizes, shapes, and more, our capable team will spare no efforts to help you get the suited hinges. Together with the correct installation, your door will work perfectly.